How do I register for PARR?

Please send an email to pearlandarearoadrunners@gmail.com if you are interested in joining PARR.

 When does the official training program begin?

Officially, July.

What if I haven’t got a chance to try the group out during one of the social runs?

That’s ok.  Give us a try this week or next…if you don’t like us, you don’t have to come back.

How much does the PARR training program cost?

$60 – membership valid thru June 30 of the following year.

What does the registration include?

The program fee includes an entire 26-week training program for the half or full marathon, organized weekend group runs, access to our private Facebook Group and really long, informative weekly emails.  It also goes towards the social events – breakfasts, donuts, post-run surprise chocolate milks, water stations, prizes and what’s left goes towards the end of the season party…that last year had 165 runners & family members attending.  It rivaled the whole running thing. If anything, join just for the PARR party!

Start with 60 minutes? Have you lost your mind? I’ve never run farther than to the mailbox.

No.  It’s 60 minutes of running and walking…or even more walking…or all walking.  Whatever your 60 minutes looks like, it’s YOURS. Own it.  All we care about is that you SHOW UP.  This group is for everyone…beginners and not so beginners.  It’s so exciting to see people reaching new accomplishments…and we get tired of cheering for the same people.  Give us someone new to cheer for!

Does everyone run intervals?

A few years ago, the answer was a definite YES. But over time, the group has evolved. Most people are running straight through, but there are a few interval die-hards left in the group, if that’s your thing.

We do variations of the Galloway method of marathon training.  But there are also groups that have come up with their own plan…and it works for them. We encourage you experiment with different intervals to see what works best for you.  The majority of the interval group does either 9 min run/ 1 min walk, 4 min run/ 1 min walk or 4 min run / 35 sec walk.  Don’t ask.  I don’t know where the 35 seconds came from. It just works.  And even more recently 6:30 min run / 50 sec walk.  We just got mathy one day trying to compromise…and it stuck.

Do you have a website?

Yup. You’re here.  We’re old school and just some people who like to run and volunteer their time to get other people together on Saturdays.  We do have a facebook page “Pearland Area Road Runners – MEMBERS” – look us up and ask to be added, ONCE YOU ARE A REGISTERED MEMBER!  This is where people post unofficial weekday runs or alternatives to the organized runs.

Can I get a shirt?

Heck yes!  We love our shirts and wear them proudly, but also know that some are not interested, so we keep that separate from the program registration fee. Typically, they are about $20 for a t-shirt…but more on that later too.

Does PARR go to any other races?

You can pretty much find PARR orange at all the area races. But there are a few we really love, including all of the Houston Warm-up Series, and the Bridge Series.

What pace does everyone run?


Seriously, what pace does everyone run?

We cover the entire gamut! Unless you are an elite runner with a special table at a race…then I suggest you bring some friends to run with you!  We have 3 different pace groups for each the Half and the Full marathon training programs.  Each group will have a start time for the organized Saturday runs.  We try to ensure that everyone always has someone to run with them!

Do I have to look like a super hero and wear a water belt?

Pretty much.  While it would be nice to have water stations set up every half mile, it’s just not feasible!  So start shopping if you don’t have one.  Everyone has a preference for the brand they like – FuelBelt, Nathan…there are many to choose from and it’s just a matter of finding one that feels right and functions for what you need.  Some of us are pack rats and carry a bunch of stuff, others are more run-efficient and can get by with just water and Gatorade.

Will water be provided on our longer runs?

You bet…we have the nicest folks that not only run with us, but get up extra early to set it out on those super early long runs!  Placement is so that the half-marathon and full will pass by at least once. We do a lot of out and back routes, so that helps.  Generally, water will be out for runs that are 10 miles or longer.  For the runs less than 10 miles, it’s up to us to get up a little earlier and put that extra bottle on our belt!

What is Core Work?

Core work simple strengthening exercises that we will be doing after we run to build up our core muscles (our middle…back, stomach…the things that hold us upright and tend to collapse near the end of long runs).  We’ve got two great ladies in our group who are very excited to have a running group with good postures at mile 13 or 26…

Can you email me the training program?

The training program will be available for registered members in the Member’s Area.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Send a note to PearlandAreaRoadRunners@gmail.com

Can I get off the dang email list?

Yes, just ask and we’ll take you off.  Or you will be automatically removed by not registering with PARR.

Is anyone in PARR capable of writing a short email?