How do I register for PARR?

Please visit the registration page for more information  https://goparr.com/registration/

What if I haven’t had the chance to try the group out during one of the social runs?

That’s ok.  Give us a try this week or next…if you don’t like us, you don’t have to come back. Please email us directly for details on a planned run. For runner security, we don’t publish routes publicly.  Email: PearlandAreaRoadRunners@gmail.com

How much does it cost to register for PARR?

Annual membership costs $75, but we offer an early bird rate of $70 the first three weeks of July and late registration begins September 1st at $80.  The annual membership period is from July 1 – June 30.

What does the registration include?

PARR season is annual (July-June).  Registration includes training, social events and activities.  We offer organized weekend group runs with water stations, informal weekday runs and periodic track training. As a member you will also have access to PARR’s Private Facebook and Strava Groups, along with social events like breakfasts, donuts, surprise post-run chocolate milk, movie nights and special guest speakers.  The social highlight of the year is our annual PARRty (typically in January) which celebrates the conclusion of the primary Houston running season and completion of training for the Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Half Marathon.

When does the official training program begin?

PARR Training is generally built around the January Houston Chevron Marathon and Aramco Half Marathon.  But those aren’t the only goals or races our members have.  Keep in mind PARR members have a wide variety of distances they are training for and races that happen throughout the entire year.  But generally, the PARR Training Calendar will focus on the following:

  • May – July / 5-10k Focus
  • Aug – Jan / Half & Full Marathon
  • Feb – April / 10k & Half Marathon

What if I’m not ready for the distances PARR is running? 

Our goal is to help you run safely and with joy. Talk to your pace group leader or someone on PARR leadership about how to adjust run routes to match your current fitness level and get some guidance on how to continue to safely build your fitness. We are also a VERY chatty community with a wealth of experience, so you can ask for input in the PARR members-only Facebook group.

What’s your goal? What’s your pace?

PARR averages over 300 members, all with varying goals and paces.

  • Some members want to have someone to walk or run with or may want to train for their first 5 or 10k.
  • Some may be doing their 1st or 100th full or half marathon and want to “just finish.”
  • Some have qualified for the Boston Marathon multiple years in a row.
  • Some want to achieve PRs.
  • Some could care less about a PR and want to keep their current level of fitness right where it is.
  • Some wake up to begin training at 4:30am.
  • Some do all their running after 7am (and even in the evening.)
  • Some are chatty during their entire training run.
  • Some are comfortable running next to you for 10 miles without needing to say a word.

To help you find others with similar goals and paces, we have seven pace/distance groups and have Pace Leaders for each group.  At our Saturday Long Runs, Pace Group Leaders will be present to lead the groups and help you connect with others. So, no matter your objectives, preferences, or personality, we have members in PARR that you will fit in with.

What pace does everyone run?


Seriously, what pace does everyone run?

We cover the entire gamut! Unless you are an elite runner with a special table at a race…then we suggest you bring some friends to run with you!  We have a walking group, and the running groups have 3 different pace ranges for each of the Half and the Full marathon training programs. Generally, these are: quicker than 9 minutes per mile, between 9-12:30 minutes per mile, and over 12:30 minutes per mile.  Each group will have a start time for the organized Saturday runs.  We try to ensure that everyone always has someone to run with them!

Will water be provided on our longer runs?

You bet… Generally, for routes 10 miles or longer, water will be provided by our fabulous volunteers from Wild Pear Running, Pearland’s only locally owned running store.  (https://wildpearrunning.com/.)  Placement of the water is chosen so both the half-marathon and full groups will pass by at least once.  For less than 10 miles, we highly encourage you to bring hydration with you!

Do I have to look like a super hero and wear a water belt?

Pretty much.  While it would be nice to have water stations set up every half mile, it’s just not feasible.  So, start shopping if you don’t have a hydration/fluid belt. Everyone has a preference for the brand they like – FuelBelt, Nathan, Camelbak Pack…there are many to choose from and it’s just a matter of finding one that feels right and functions for what you need.  Some of us are pack rats and carry a bunch of stuff, others are more run-efficient and can get by with just water and Gatorade.

Does everyone run intervals?

No. What you run should depend on your goals. If you’re just training to finish a race and not build speed, intervals are never necessary. If you have a pace goal in mind though or want to improve your performance, intervals are highly effective in training. Our training plans do provide recommendations for how to incorporate intervals, but it’s up to you whether you tackle them. Our one caution is that intervals typically have higher intensity training loads, so if  you decide to train with intervals, you should build into them and not tackle intervals on a whim if you want to avoid putting yourself at risk of injury.

What is Core Work?

Core work is important. It consists of simple strengthening exercises that build up our core muscles (our middle…back, stomach…the things that hold us upright and tend to collapse near the end of long runs).   We have Core Work examples in the Members Only section of the website.  Some members that run together stay after the long run to practice core together. https://goparr.com/core-workouts/

Can you email me the training program?

The training program will be available for registered members in the Member’s Area.

Can I get PARR gear? 

Heck yes!  We love our PARR Orange shirts and visors and wear them proudly. But also know that some folks are not interested, so we keep PARR gear separate from the program registration fee. Typically, the shirts are about $20…but more on that later. You can purchase yours at Pearland’s locally owned Wild Pear Running store.  Visit their website at: https://wildpearrunning.com/

Do PARR Members go to races other than Chevron/Aramco? 

PARR Members frequent many races locally (Pearland, Houston, Galveston), but you will see PARR orange at races all over the state, county, and world.  There are a few races that our members really love including: the Houston Warm-Up Series, the Bridge Series, Chance for Hope, Pear Run, and the Houston Holiday Series.

If I have more questions, who do I contact?

Send an email to PearlandAreaRoadRunners@gmail.com

Can I get off the dang email list?

Yes.  There is an unsubscribe option at the bottom of every PARR email.  Or you will automatically be removed if do not register with PARR the following season.

Is anyone in PARR capable of writing a short email?