Training Schedules

The training schedules for 2-23-24 can be downloaded from the links below:

PARR Complete – Endurance-Focused Plan

PARR Complete –  Speed-Focused Plan

PARR –  The OG Training Plan – Complete

PARR – Intervals Plan

PARR – Walking Plan

PARR Weeks Until Races


We will be running different paces throughout the season.  Use this calculator (either with your Magic Mile or BEST HM/FM time) to determine the training paces indicated on the schedule and in the weekly instructions for training runs. To do this…1) Select distance as MILE 2) Enter your magic mile time 3) select CALCULATE and then 4) click on EQUIVALENT to see your predicted paces for the various distances.  You’ll use this information for the for the different kinds of runs we do during the season.  We may say run your 10K pace for 10 minutes and then your FM pace for 20 minutes…even if you aren’t running the FM, you still have an equivalent FM pace

Training Pace Calculator