WEEK 11 – Saturday, October 5, 2019

Hi Y’all,

It’s Aimee Galley again…I’m telling you, this email rotation is making the time FLY BY. It’s like every four weeks….AGAIN ALREADY?!?!

We’re digging deep into the good stuff, with lots of “LONGEST RUNS EVER” for our new folks and “HOLY COW I CAN’T BELIEVE I CAN STILL DO THIS” for our veteran runners. Just remember that allowing the body to rest and recover is just as important as the workout itself. So if you’re feeling beat down or not right, listen to your body, rest and reset. Or if you need to adjust the schedule…do that.

If you missed our “Why We Run” event last week at Wild Pear…it was fabulous (and you can still watch it here). We got to hear from some of our most amazing folks…just to hear their stories of how they got started and even more impressively, WHAT HAS KEPT THEM GOING. Huge thanks to Richard, Rhonda, Julie and Lynn. Such good stuff. It was just the “running feel goods” that I needed to hear! We are already thinking of when we can do the next one!


One of our favorite things, besides all the miles, is our end of the season celebration! We’re changing it up this year! Details to follow, but get your Sharpie out and mark on your calendar FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 2020 as the date for the PARRty! And save your gasps…we’re going to adjust our last group run to be held on that Sunday as a little dress rehearsal for the big race day!


Be sure to get your shirt orders placed with David at Wild Pear. And did you know they got some pretty awesome jackets that you can order? I KNOW. Go get one. Or three. David has requested for all shirt orders to be placed before 10/31/2019

Saturday, October 5, 2019 Run Details – Start at Wild Pear

Wild Pear Running Store, 9330 Broadway, Pearland, TX 77584 is our starting point for this Saturday’s run.

FM – 5:00 AM –MARATHON PACE RUN: 14 Miles Conversational easy pace, 1-2 minutes slower than your full marathon pace. The schedule has 14 miles, it’s your run, so feel free to add/subtract based on your current training status.

http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/899775005/ – turn around at Magnolia Elementary unless you’re adding a mile or two to the run.

HM – 5:30 AM – EASY RUN: 9 Miles at Conversational easy pace (1-2 minutes slower than your half marathon pace), an out and back route with turnaround at 4.5 miles which is the RECYCLE CENTER (now you know….4.5 miles to the Recycle Center)


Walking Group – 5:30 AM – 7 Miles same out and back route(link above) as the HM’ers, but turnaround is at 3.5 miles, which is just past FM 1128 when you see the edge of the reservoir water on the right


Water will be at SE corner of Magnolia/FM 1128.

Thank you to Bill Hayes, who will be setting water out at the Start and Rene Sanchez, who will setting it out on the route.


I’m including some notes from our Chief Executive Waterguy (CEW, for short), Travis Shirley, to help clear up with the process for when you volunteer to help with water:

Seems there is some confusion in the process. When you volunteer for a week, you need to:

1. pick up the jugs from Wild Pear at some point in the week,
2. place the jugs at the location for which you volunteered and,
3. pick the jugs up after the run and return them back to Wild Pear.

Another issue we are having is we have a few volunteers that are not on FB so I am having difficulty late in the week to confirm they have picked up the jugs. David at Wild Pear is doing us a huge favor by letting us use the store for our repository of the jugs, I hate creating a fire drill late in the week with them to find out if the jugs have been picked up.

I normally do a reminder after I see the weekly PARR email so I can confirm where the jugs are to be placed, but the email doesn’t come out until Thursday and that is pretty late in the week. Going forward I am going to send the updates on Monday reminding the volunteers of their commitment, I ask for a confirmation from the volunteer that they will pick up the jugs from Wild Pear during the week.


FastLaneFit 5K/10K/Kids K – Sat, November 2, 2019
iRun Productions is offering 15% off to PARR Members, register here and use the code: PARR19

4th Annual Pearland Turkey Trot – Thurs, November 28, 2019
The next PARR sponsored race is the 4th Annual Pearland Turkey Trot. It’s another popular event for our members and their families, and it is only two months away on Thanksgiving Morning. There is a Kids K/1- mile walk/ 4-Mile Run/6-Mile Run. The proceeds benefit the Forever Parks Foundation of Pearland. iRun Production is again offering PARR Members a 15% discount, register here and use the code: PARR19

Happy runs, y’all.