WEEK 18 – This ain’t our first rodeo

Hi Y’all,

Don’t get bored…we’re building up those calluses…the mental and the real ones!

Looking like another GLORIOUS day for running. 50 degrees is our jam. Ok, maybe not Cynthia’s jam 😉 but she will be happy for the rest of us who live for a cool running day!

Huge congrats to our PARR contingency at NYC last weekend! And also to the mighty folks that did the Oilman Half Ironman! Know there were some firsts with Tina and Olivia. So. Freaking. Awesome. Y’all raise the bar every weekend.

Get Yo Stuff

Please, please, please make an effort to get to Wild Pear to get your shirts that you ordered.…anytime during their business hours. We want to get these out of David’s every changing hair. And check that you received what you ordered – that was 200+shirts (14 different styles, 4 different sizes, it was just a lot of orange to sort and fulfill. Our eyes were crossed when we were done. So we just want to make sure you got what you ordered). We did order a little bit of extras and as soon as we know that folks got what they ordered, we’ll let you know and we’ll put that inventory on the website for you procrastinators to get on it.

Saturday Details

We will be meeting at Turner tomorrow, Saturday. Schedule calls for nice, long easy run…so let’s do it!

FM – 5:00 – 14 miles – http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/1854535100/ – on Bailey turn around at Quail Run (will be 1.6 on your watch) for 14 miles…if you run all the way to 1128, it will be 15 at the end.

HM – 5:30 – 11 miles – http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/1829294237/

Happy Runs, y’all.

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