08/07/14 – Saturday Run – 08/09/14


Are you sitting down?  Our IT (and i don’t mean IT Band) has gone through the roof this season…first a website, then online payments. And now this. Coolest thing yet.   “Events” have been added to the website that allow you to RSVP what races you’re going to do.  And get this…members can then SEE who’s attending!  How cool is that?!  So get yourself over to the website and start RSVP’ing to the races you’re planning to attend. https://goparr.com/events/  You need to be logged in, and then click on each event, select “I’m attending” and then you can select “See who has RSVPed.” I’ll probably send notes out for each as it gets closer just to remind folks.  But if you already know what you’re signing up for, you can get your RSVP in!

We are continuing to build up our endurance and just adding to the minutes on our feet.  Full Marathon folks will be doing 90 minutes and Half Marathon is up to 70 minutes. We are going to meet in the parking lot of Wild Pear Running Store (9330 Broadway Pearland TX 77584) and we’ll run through the parking lot to the PB and then the regular out and back route (South on CR 90, Left on Northfork, Right on Cullen, Left on Magnolia) – U-Turn at your time midpoint (45 min for the FM and 35 min for the HM)

Start times:

6:00AM – FM (90 minutes total run time)

6:20AM – HM (70 minutes total run time)

{CORE} and a good stretch to follow, so bring your towel and mat!

There is also a group of us that aren’t able to run Saturday morning, so we are knocking out our run Friday morning…we’ll post on the Facebook group so y’all can let us know if you’re coming too.  (PB at 4:30AM…and will do an out and back, so both 70 and 90 minutes can be done!)  This happens a lot, so if you know you can’t make the Saturday run…create your own and chances are someone else has same problem you do {and are just as crazy and want to get their run in too!}

Happy run y’all – let me know if you have any questions!

Aimee Galley