08/14/14 – Saturday Run – 08/16/14 and a few things

Hi Y’all,

Just one more run until this honeymoon is over!  So be sure to get out and ENJOY this last run…before it starts to get real.  Unless you just want to stay on this honeymoon through the end of the season, no one will stop you.  You might get a scowl occasionally and you’ll have to endure really long emails about the Magic Mile, hills and speedwork…but just ignore and go on your happy way! 🙂

We made a couple changes to the Events section of the website.  If a race offers both a Half-Marathon AND a Full-Marathon, we’ve created two separate events – this allows folks to see who is running which distance for each event.  THAT MEANS if you already RSVP’d for the January Houston Half/Full…you’ll need to re-RSVP, because when we split it up, those RSVPs had to be deleted.  So go check it out. SO COOL! https://goparr.com/events/  Also, if you have some events you want added, just let us know and we’ll get them up.  We already added a few!

We’ve captured the Nutrition information that Ric has gone over the past couple of weeks and added to the website. You’ll be able to just read it or download/print a PDF version. https://goparr.com/nutrition/

We’ve also created a page for the CORE workout information from Kaylin and Caroline.  We’ll continue to build on this as we go through the season. https://goparr.com/core-workouts/

I can’t remember if I’ve sent out all the different workout descriptions, so I’m including again here for you. TONS of info here regarding the different runs that are listed on the schedule. The hows and the whys of each. Also available https://goparr.com/members-area/workouts/

For Saturday, we are going to meet over at PJHS track next to Turner High School. The HM folks are running 80 min and the FM folks 100.  We’ll do the McLean/Magnolia out and back route to all finish about the same time. HM turn around at 40 min and the FM turn around at 50 min…BUT, if you’re planning to run that negative split, then you might want to turn around at about 43 min and 53 min respectively…otherwise you’ll end up running around the track and people will shake their heads wondering what in the HECK you are doing 🙂

Start times 6:00AM for the FM and 6:20AM for the HM to finish up at 7:40. AND best part. Saturday is our dear, fast Cassie’s last run with us before she heads off to Texas A&M to do great things!  So we will celebrate the end our honeymoon AND Cassie the only way we know how…with a little stretching, chocolate milk and some donuts! Woohoo!

Let me know if you have any questions!  And any suggestions on the website…we’re continuing to tweak/add/organize and love the feedback on what we can do to make it what YOU need.

Y’all have a GREAT run!