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WEEK 10 – Saturday – 09/16/17 – Wild Pear

Hi Y’all, This is one of my favorite weeks of the season…it just feels like the REAL START. All the grunt work that we didn’t want to do in the first place is D.O.N.E…NOW WE GET TO RUN! This weekend is the first of the Bridge Series so a bunch of folks are going to… Read More

WEEK 9 – Chance for Hope GO GOLD FUN RUN – 09/09/17

Hi y’all, All of the days continue to run together as everyone is doing everything they can to get that sense of normalcy. We had several folks in PARR that had significant damage after the storm last week. An unbelievably HUGE SHOUT OUT to Kaylin, who single-handedly kicked off Operation #PARRStrong by rallying anyone, everyone… Read More

WEEK 8 – Run & Helpers – 09/02/17

Hi Y’all, This will be a week we will never forget. I hope that all of you and your people are safe and dry. I know the focus this week has been making sure of this minute by minute. Need Help? Can Help? And now the focus has shifted to helping those that need it. We… Read More

WEEK 7 – Run Cancelled – Hurricane Harvey – 08/26/17

Hi Y’all, Keeping short and not so sweet.  We made the early decision to CANCEL the official PARR run this Saturday, 08/26/17.  With the predicted storm…it’s just too much to coordinate to make a game time decision and not put our runners in jeopardy. THAT MEANS…it’s up to us to get our runs in, if… Read More

WEEK 5 – Saturday – 08/12/17

Hi Y’all, Sorry for the Friday email… just remember…it will ALWAYS be EARLY and always on SATURDAY morning…and I get ’til Friday at 3PM before official freak-out can happen 🙂 If you’re new to PARR {and I know you’re out there because TEN OF YOU JOINED THIS WEEK} and wanna catch up or can’t remember… Read More

Who ME? Yeah YOU!

Hi Y’all, We are working through the masses and still have some blank stares when trying to get people in to groups!  Now you didn’t join PARR to run by yourself, so help us out so we can move onto the good stuff…the running together stuff, the meeting new folks stuff and the not talking… Read More

WEEK 3 – Saturday – 07/29/17

Hi Y’all, I hope everyone had a great week.  HM are back on the hills and FM out for minutes this week to continue to build up our base.  We’ve got a total of 6 more Saturdays of hills, but who’s counting, right?!?  Your body will THANK YOU come that first long, easy run. We… Read More

WEEK 1 – Saturday – 07/15/17 – Turner

Hi y’all WEEK ONE! How’s it going?  You thought running was hard? Wait ‘til you try to get to the bottom of this email… Old members, bear with us as we get all the new members up to speed on all the things you already know and what makes PARR so special.  BUT…you will be… Read More

Season Kick off – Saturday 07/08/17 – 6:00AM – Turner Track

Hi Y’all! It’s here, it’s here, it’s here…the start of the season. Not sure how we managed to sneak this in a week earlier this year, but we did it. So what a bargain you’re getting – 27 WEEKS OF FUN! WELCOME and WELCOME BACK! I said this last year, but I gotta say it… Read More

PARRgiving 2016

Drop off will be at Lisa’s House between December 4 – 6, 2105 Stonehollow Ct.; Pearland, TX 77581.   For ALL gifts and  gift cards (EXCEPT GROCERY AND GAS) please be sure to add a temporary tag to your gift that lists YOUR NAME, ITEM#, TAG# (Tag# is  Tag A, B, C etc…listed with your item). This… Read More