Who ME? Yeah YOU!

Hi Y’all,

We are working through the masses and still have some blank stares when trying to get people in to groups!  Now you didn’t join PARR to run by yourself, so help us out so we can move onto the good stuff…the running together stuff, the meeting new folks stuff and the not talking about creating groups stuff.

So this is the final plea to get some information from you. If you are on the list below…please send an email to Laurence@goparr.com (see how cool he is that he got an actual goparr email address? Even I don’t have that!) to help him get you in a group – give him a magic mile time, a previous race time or a realistic goal pace.   Laurence and Daniel have been pouring over the member spreadsheets, reading your running history, digging into past years information and doing their best to get everyone situated.

Full Marathon

Abigail Baker
Laurie Christensen
Katie Crockett
Milagro Gonzalez
Kieron Griffith
Efren Hernandez
Stephen James
Bianca Reed
Lindsay Tadlock
Rebekah Farmer

Half Marathon

Kira Beal
Katherine Blanchard
Brenda Burrow
Chelsea Capelo
Amy Gomez
Erick Grimaldi
Sheri Hare
Monica Hernandez
Dustin Knight
Melinda Lackey
Vickie Lanier
Alvaro Lopez
Lacey Mcclure
Rathipriya Narayanan
Michael Newman
Karen Ochoa
Janet Rawls-Cazares
Kat Seume
Jessica Sellers
Libby Smith
Mareli Mercado
Erin Varnell
Cynthia Galan
Timothy Shields
William She
Joe Sanchez
Yalan Wang
Lindsey Kane

Half OR Full Marathon? – Make up your mind!

Scott Dutton Nikola Renaud Sandra Robertson Ann Martin Alina Rogers

Thanks for your help!

Aimee Galley