WEEK 25 – Saturday Run & PARRty Info

Hi Y’all, This is it. LAST SATURDAY RUN EMAIL from me for the 2016-2017 season. Did we enter some sort of time warp? Didn’t I just coerce you into running 60 minutes of hills? Didn’t we just celebrate running 8 miles for the FIRST TIME? Weren’t we all complainy about a 5AM start time? Yes,… Read More

WEEK 24 – Let the Taper Begin

Hi Y’all, Ready to get that last run of 2016 DONE? It’s here. PARRty Y’all, MANY of you have registered for the PARR End of Season Dinner that is NEXT WEEKEND, January 7. BUT…many of you have not. Even if it’s just you and you know it’s free, we still need you to register for… Read More

WEEK 23 – Saturday 12/24/16 – Longest. Runs. Ever.

PARR Family, This is it! The very last (VERY!) long run for the season. And the best part is right around the corner… TAPER TIME! Because of the timing of the Houston Marathon, “the longest run ever” typically falls right around the Christmas holiday(s). But I have faith in everyone to get creative. There’s already quite a… Read More

WEEK 22 – Saturday 12/17/16 + Jingle Bell Run

Hi y’all, These were my words last year for this week: “How do I forget every single year how busy this week is?  It’s amazing all that gets crammed into a short number of days.  Then we’ll run this weekend and get those few hours of peace and quiet. Ahhhh.” Will someone next year, please,… Read More

WEEK 21 – Saturday – 12/10/16

Hi Y’all, It’s getting real, y’all.  We are 38 days away!  THIRTY EIGHT. Are you kidding me?!?!  Wasn’t it like last night when I told you we were going to blow your mind by running SIX HILLS!?!  But the best part…WE ARE TWO WEEKS FROM THE TAPER. The absolute best part of the whole darn… Read More

WEEK 20 – Saturday 12/03/16

Hi Y’all, Lots of racing going again this weekend…a bunch of the ladies are headed up to one of my favorite races…RunGirl Half Marathon! I hope everyone has a GREAT race, whether it’s your FIRST or just your favorite!  Get a boa, a mimosa and a fun race pic after!  Don’t worry about the weather…a… Read More

PARRgiving 2016

Drop off will be at Lisa’s House between December 4 – 6, 2105 Stonehollow Ct.; Pearland, TX 77581.   For ALL gifts and  gift cards (EXCEPT GROCERY AND GAS) please be sure to add a temporary tag to your gift that lists YOUR NAME, ITEM#, TAG# (Tag# is  Tag A, B, C etc…listed with your item). This… Read More

WEEK 19 – Gobble, Wobble, RUN!

Gobble, Gobble Y’all, I hope everyone has changed out of their running clothes into their EATING PANTS! Enjoy your day with your friends and families and eat all the foods! ‘Cause we’re fixin’ to burn ALL the calories. First, thanks to everyone who made it out on Saturday evening for our first ever Wild Pear… Read More

WEEK 18 – Saturday Run Details + STUFF

Hi Y’all, Another GREAT weekend for a run…at the PERFECT distance 🙂 But first…a few things.  Pretty please, read to the end. I’ll try to leave out extra words. Just kidding. Good luck to those running the final Bridge Series Race!  It’s a doozy, but {in my opinion} easier than the first two!  And the… Read More

WEEK 17 – Saturday 11/12/16 – LONG Easy Miles

Hi y’all, Looking like a PERFECT morning for a run on Saturday…12 or 22 miles, to be exact!  COME ON COOL FRONT! PARR Swag The remaining inventory of PARR Gear is up on the website. If a size isn’t showing up…that means we don’t have it!    Once your order is placed, Sandy will let you… Read More