Saturday Run – Turner High School – 07/25/15

Hi Y’all,

YOU ARE KNOCKING OUT WEEK 1…see how easy that was?  Just keep on, keeping on! It has been so great to see all the pics from the weekday sessions.  If you want a ton of  motivation and a smidge of accountability, try to make it out to some of these. Awesome. We had quite a few new folks join even after Saturday…to get caught up on what happened and when/where the weekdays are going down…please check out the Welcome to PARR page.

We had an incredible turnout for our kick-off on Saturday. Most people EVER to do the magic mile. And no puking. And if you didn’t make it on Saturday, guess what?   We will have a make-up session this Saturday. If you have done on your own, please just reply to me here with your time. Or if “you’ve done on your own” *wink, wink* and have a past race time (10K, HM or FM) that you feel is right for you, send that to me. I’m working to collect all the info to split out the pace groups.  It will take a week or two to get all this info collected. There is no magic line that will be drawn between the groups…we just want everyone to be training close to where they should be and with those near their pace. So if we inadvertently split up you and your soulmate, just let us know which group to shift you to. Then we’ll make sure we break up into the groups before a run to introduce and connect group members. These first few weeks will be just a mass of us on the hill. Lots of high fives and getting to know everyone…since we’re all doing the same thing. Over. And over. And over. So for now, just show up at the designated time and do your thing.

Few things before we get to all that. Paces. What pace do I run? Based on whatever the schedule says, refer to the pace chart and based on your Magic Mile your paces follow to the right. If you’ve contemplated getting a tattoo…I’d recommend getting these paces on your wrist. Then you’d always have them 🙂 For example, today’s Pace Booster Run said FM minus 15 seconds. (Now that is for both FM and HM people. It’s just the pace your fitness level would run a FM right now, it’s not committing you to running a FM). So if your MM is 9:00…your FM pace is 11:41, so your Pace Booster Run pace would be 11:26. If you haven’t done your MM yet, but have done some races, you can use the calculator to see what these different paces look like too. Also,  PB.  “What is the PB?”…that is the most frequently asked question!  PB is the Professional Building in Silverlake across from CVS.  The address is 2225 County Road 90 and it’s on the County 90, south of 518.  It’s become our common meeting place for the West side of Pearland and we just got efficient and started referring to it as the PB.  So when you see folks meeting there…now you know.

HILLS in Ric’s words: The objective of this weekend’s run is completing the prescribed number of hills close to the pace suggested.  In years past we have had you run to the marked lines, not this year. This year you will do an easy run to the base of the bridge (just before you start the incline). Then you will run up the bridge (hill) at a 5-10K pace. Once at the top you can either jog or walk down to the bottom on the other side. Once you reach the flat part of the bottom of the hill, turn around and run back up and jog/walk to the bottom (flat portion) of the other side.  Don’t worry about making it to the line…just the bottom of the hill. For the HM group since you have 3 hills, you will run to the top one more time and turn around at the top of the hill and then easy run back to Turner to get about 40 minutes or so of total running in for the day. The FM group will have six hills so it is up and down 6 times to get the 6 and then an easy run back for a total of 60 minutes of run time.  Please make sure that when running up/down the hill that you always stay to your right to allow people to pass on the left if they need to (going up or down). There will be a lot of folks on the hill so we need to make sure we leave everyone plenty of room.  Also, make sure you return to Turner HS on time…60/40 minutes after you leave.

 Saturday Specifics: 

Magic Mile Make-ups: 5:45AM – Meet at Turner High School Track for warm up, instruction and one magical mile. Pam or Ric will be coordinating this and giving all of the instruction.  Just make sure to get your time noted.

Full Marathon: 5:45AM – Meet at Turner High School Track for Hills. 6 HILLS – 60-minutes

Half Marathon: 6:05AM – Meet at Turner High School Track for Hills – 3 HILLS – 40 minutes

The group will then meet back at the track at 6:45AM for CORE work and should be wrapped up by about 7:10AM.  Be sure to bring your mat or towel…that track is tough.

There Are Always Options

For those not on Facebook or haven’t seen the posts, there are also a few rogue options for those that have other commitments on Saturday (or Friday night plans that will prevent effective hill running on Saturday), looks like groups meeting 5:30AM from the Natatorium on Thursday morning or 5:00AM from the Natatorium on Friday morning.  Always an opportunity to get er done.

Hope everyone has a GREAT RUN this weekend…please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!

Aimee Galley

281-728-4848 cell