WEEK 19 – Starting at Wild Pear and Save the Dates

Hi Y’all,

We are in the single digits…8 more long runs. EIGHT. And two of them are taper runs, so basically 6. Humor me Daniel, let’s just pretend it’s 6. We can do this. The hardest part is to stay {somewhat} focused during the holidays. It’s harder than the long runs. Had whoever started the Houston Marathon known what a big sport holiday eating and drinking would become, they might have thought otherwise in scheduling the race such that the peak of the training season falls on all of the days between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve. Cruel.

Good luck to all the folks headed out to LaPorte to wrap up their bridge series with the big daddy of them all running over the Fred Hartman Bridge!  Y’all are getting lucky with the cool front!


Y’all, please, please, please go buy Wild Pear and pick up your shirts that Melanie so carefully packaged up for you! We need to get these out of the store so David can stock up on shoes…not our stuff! We’re running out of Wild Pear on Saturday, so a good time to grab after the run! We did order some extras and will let you know when those will be available.


We will have Annual Jingle Bell Run on Saturday December 16 at 9AM-10AM! It’s a great time for everyone to bring out those families that we all hear about on the runs! It will take place at the front Pavilion at Centennial Park on McLean. We are still working out the details of the “what”…but will definitely have a short {Non-certified course} purely-for-fun run and some other games. Be on the lookout for more info.

We will have our End of the Season “PARRty” or “Running Prom” as some affectionately call it…on Saturday January 6. This is our last HOORAH before the big day. It’s fun evening to see what we all really look like in real life and JUST HOW MANY OF US THERE ARE – seriously, best looking group of people in Pearland. We’ll have dinner, drinks a little look back on the season. More on that later too…I just didn’t want to spring it on you.


We will run out of Wild Pear this week.

FM – 5:00AM – 17 Miles (almost) – EASY RUN http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/1861663433/

HM – 5:30AM – 10 Miles – 4 MILES EASY, then 50 minutes at your race pace, cool down the rest http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/1845969887/

*Water will be McLean

Happy Run’s Y’all!

Aimee Galley