It’s HERE! PARR Charitable Giving Opportunity

Hello PARR family! It’s Lisa!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their families and friends and everyone has gotten in a long run to recover from eating all the turkey and pie 🙂

As promised, this email is going to give you all the information you need to be able to help sponsor two Pearland families this Christmas season!  We have gone through the Angel Tree program in Pearland ISD ( ) There is a PDF attachment of the two families we were given that give the specific names, ages and gender of each child.  There are two families that consist of three children in each family.

We would like to purchase four gifts per child.  Since the items listed were somewhat generic we put together a more detailed list of what we would like each child to receive.  There are so many different ways you can give for the items listed.  For some it can be difficult to find the time to get out and purchase an item so giving money towards one of the gift certificates will be better for you.  For others being out and about and picking up from the list is easier for, you then you can do that as well.  If more money is donated above and beyond, then we will purchase additional gift cards for JCPenney for clothing for the families.

We are going to do like last year, and post these lists on Facebook so that everyone can collaborate and let others know what they are taking.  There were many people last year that would join together to knock out an item.  If you are not on Facebook, you can just send an email to myself or Aimee on what you would like to give and we will indicate on Facebook it is taken.  In both instances (Facebook and email) Please indicate Family #1 or #2, the name of the child and the item number you will be getting so there is no confusion.  And be sure to read all the comments to know what has already been taken.

We are on a tight timeframe, which I know isn’t a problem for this group.  We do everything fast 🙂  All gifts need to be collected by December 8 – we will send out a collection plan/locations in the next few days as well. We will have an East and West side option for WRAPPED/LABELED gifts to be delivered!  We have gift tags that will be specific to each child so we will need the specifics in order to deliver them correctly!

Please let myself or Aimee know if you have any questions.  Let’s show these two families what giving hearts are all about and give them a Christmas they will remember for years to come!  Now jump over to Facebook and let’s get started!

Thank you all! Lisa Sanchez

Family #1 – Three Teenage boys

Kareem, Male, 16 – Football, video games (PS4) , art

Khalil, Male, 13 – Football, video games (PS4), hunting, fishing Cedric,

Male, 13, -Baseball and video games (PS4)

  1. Clothing (Kareem) – Pants – 34/32, Shirt – M, Shoes – 13.5
  2. Clothing (Khalil) – Pants – 32/32, Shirt – M, Shoes – 11.5
  3. Clothing (Cedric) – Pants – 29/30, Shirt – S, Shoes – 8
  4. Kareem – PS4 games
  5. Kareem – Art supplies (sketch pads, oil pastels, color pencils, sketching pencils)
  6. Kareem – Sports Authority Gift Card ($100)
  7. Kareem – Football Equipment Bag, Pro Football, Mouth Guards, Football pads, Cleats etc.
  8. Kahlil – PS4 games
  9. Khalil – Academy Gift Card ($100)
  10. Khalil – Game Stop Gift Card ($100)
  11. Khalil – Football Equipment, Pro Football, Mouth Guards, Football pads, Cleats etc.
  12. Cedric – Sports Authority Card ($100)
  13. Cedric – PS4 games
  14. Cedric – Academy Gift Card ($100)
  15. Cedric – Baseball Gloves, Practice Baseballs, Helmet, Bat, Cleats, Equipment bag, etc.

Family #2 – Two Teenagers and 4 year old

Phamarithy, Female, 16  make up, books, purses, workout, jogging

Malie, Male, 13,  – football, video games for Xbox 360, legos

Cedrick, Male, 4 – books, puzzles, trucks, cars, football, legos

  1. Clothing (Phamarithy) – pants-4, shirt-small, shoes 8, socks-7/9, underwear-6
  2. Clothing (Malie) – pants-30, shirt-med, shoes 8, socks-8/10, underwear-med
  3. Clothing (Cedrick) – pants- 5, shirt-5/6, shoes 12, socks-6/7, underwear-4/6
  4. Phamarithy – Purses/Make-Up (Macy’s/Dillards Gift Card) $100
  5. Phamarithy – Books (Barnes & Noble Gift Card) $25-$50
  6. Phamarithy – Workout clothes (Academy, Sports Authority Gift Card $100)
  7.  Phamarithy – Jogging  (Y’ALL – SHE RUNS!) (Wild Pear Gift Card $50-$100)
  8. Malie – Xbox 360 games
  9. Malie – Legos for 13 year old boy
  10. Malie – Gift Card Game Stop $100
  11. Malie – Gift Card (Sports Authority $100)
  12. Cedrick – Legos for 4 year old boy
  13. Cedrick – Puzzles
  14. Cedrick – Cars and Trucks
  15. Cedrick – Books (Barnes & Noble Gift Card $25-$50)