Saturday – 09-12-15 – Easy Does It…AGAIN

Hi Y’all,

We’ve got another easy FM+2 run this weekend! Were you able to get to that pace? Close? These runs should be conversational, meaning you should be able to talk the entire time. And when you’re done…feel like you could keep going.

So last week when I sent out the start times, in an effort to make everyone happy…I ended up making most unhappy by the end of their runs! It was not my intent at all…but folks felt rushed to get back or got back early, as my “meet in the middle” approach to math backfired. I apologize…and re-mathed and checked in with each of your group leaders for input! So if you were wondering “What the…?!?!”…you weren’t alone!  Please don’t ever feel that you have to rush back…it’s YOUR run. Run what you need to run. When we do have CORE at the end of these runs, we TRY to get everyone back at the same time…but within each of the groups there is a WIDE range of paces. So bear with me…we have two more weeks of CORE.

This Week

We will be meeting this week and next week at Wild Pear Running Store, with the same out and back route (We’ll leave Wild Pear through the parking lot around to the PB and head down CR 90, LEFT on Northfork, Right on Cullen, Left on Magnolia and keep running til your turn around (HM – turn around at 3.5 miles, about midway of that first reservoir; FM – turn around at 6 miles, about at entrance to Magnolia Estates). This out and back will allow those catching up on distance to easily modify as necessary.

These start times have a little more wiggle room and should allow for the FM+2 of everyone in the group. Plan is to be back at Wild Pear at 7:45AM for CORE.

FULL MARATHON – 12 miles

RED: 5:00 (that’s 2:45 for 12 miles, allows 13:45 pace)

SILVER: 5:10 (that’s 2:35 for 12 miles, allows 13:00 pace)

BLUE: 5:20 (that’s 2:25 for 12 miles, allows 12:00 pace)

BLACK: 5:30 (that’s 2:15 for 12 miles, allows 11:15 pace)


GREEN: 5:45 (that’s 2:00 for 7 miles, allows 18:00 pace)

PURPLE: 5:55 (that’s 1:50 for 7 miles, allows 16:00 pace)

YELLOW: 6:05 (that’s 1:40 for 7 miles, allows 14:00 pace)

ORANGE: 6:20 (that’s 1:25 for 7 miles, allows 12:00 pace)

*Water will be on the SE corner of FM1128

#PARROrange Reminder

The PARR gear is up on the website and ready to be ordered! This will close NEXT FRIDAY. So get your orders in and make it easy on the girls who coordinate all of this craziness out of the goodness {and maybe a little OCD} in their hearts. They added cool ¾-zip JACKETS y’all. People will be afraid of us at races. JACKETS. And don’t forget to order for your cheering squad too. Because your cheering squad is everyone’s cheering squad. The shirts are great to identify other PARR runners…but also their families during the races! So all the #PARROrange YOU see running by…imagine how great it is for all the runners to see the same thing along the way!


One little minor clarification on RSVP’ing for events…this is just to let other PARR folks know you’re running in which races. You will still need to register for any race you do…links are included in each of the events to do that!

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions! I hope everyone has an easy-peasy run this weekend.

Aimee Galley