Saturday Run – 03/28/15 (2014-2015 Members)

Hi Y’all,
A version of this email will be sent to three different groups.  Our current 2014-2015 PARR Members, our new 2015-2016 PARR Members and all the fun, new folks wanting to learn more and check us out { and maybe folks that we felt SHOULD check us out 🙂 }  So if you get this more than once…I apologize for the duplication!

We are planning our first social run in preparation of the 2015-2016 season starting up beginning of July!  We’ll do these runs on occasional Saturdays between now and then and will increase the mileage sloooooowwwwllly.  This is not the run to get your long run in!  We’d like as many folks to come as possible.  If you remember the first time you showed up for a PARR run…it was so nice to see so many people at different paces, knowing you’d fit right in, find your pace and your person. Am I right, Babes, or am I right?!? So if you’re free Saturday morning, please come out and join us.  Of course you can always run further…or maybe run TO the PB to add your mileage.

Plan is to meet at the PB at 7:00AM for the 3ish mile loop ( R on Southwyck, L on CR 94 to Exxon, L on Southfork, L on 90 back to PB)

And if you have anyone that you would like me to add to my email list for non-members, just let me know or have them contact me directly and I’ll bug them ’til they join.  Or just bring them with you on Saturday too!

One more thing…GOOD LUCK to all the Texas Independence Relay runners this weekend! Have so much fun, stop to smell the bluebonnets and BE CAREFUL.  Such a great weekend…a race everyone should add to their bucket list. Maybe we should paint that one orange too next year?!?

Thanks so much…let me know if you have any questions.

Aimee Galley
281-728-4848 cell