WEEK 11 – Saturday, 09/29/18

Hi Y’all,

We had one nice weather day on Monday, which provided us with a brief respite from the last months of heat and humidity. The cold front we were expecting this weekend seems likely to sputter out as it gets to Houston’s doorsteps and instead of low humidity, rain may be in the forecast for Saturday’s run. Please be mindful of our weather conditions and plan accordingly.

This period is when the training begins to feel substantial in terms of distance and time. For those counting, we have 16 weeks remaining before the Houston Half Marathon and Marathon. There’s still plenty of time to get ready so if you are nursing any sort of injuries and you are debating between running and rest, then I would recommend you rest. Resting one or two weeks won’t jeopardize your race, but trying to run through an injury for 1 or 2 weeks could sideline you for many more weeks.

We had a sizable group of PARR members run the UH 10k/5k this last Saturday and two of them, Daniel Imrecke and Caroline Allbritton, won their age group for the 10k. Congratulations to them for their win!

Also, we have six (6) PARR members doing a little exercising this coming Saturday in something called the Ironman. For those who are unfamiliar with the Ironman, it involves swimming a lot (2.4 miles), biking a lot (112 miles) and then running a lot (26.2 miles/marathon), and all on the same day. And you have to complete this within 17 hours or you’ll be disqualified and have to try to do it again before you can earn the title of being called an Ironman. In any event, we want to wish good luck, safe journey and great races for Kaylin Olson, Terri Stone, Jesslyn Reed, Julie Schultz, Anthony Bruno and Marie Mickelson as they will be competing in Ironman Maryland this Saturday in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

Saturday, Sept 29, 2018 Run Details – Start at Wild Pear

Wild Pear Running Store, 9330 Broadway, D-400, Pearland, TX 77584 is our starting point for this Saturday’s run.
FM – 5:00 AM –MARATHON PACE RUN: 13 Miles 3 miles easy, 50 minutes at marathon pace, finish remaining miles at easy pace.  The schedule states 50 minutes and this may be overly ambitious for some, so please feel free to adjust it to something you can comfortably achieve. The goal is to get you acclimated to running at your FM pace. Feel free to break it out into two x 25 minute sessions with a break in between or cut it shorter. It’s your run.
The route this week will take you east on Magnolia until you get to HWY35, with a crossing on the Magnolia bridge.
HM – 6:00 AM – HALF MARATHON PACE RUN: 7 Miles 2 miles easy, 30 minutes at half marathon pace, finish with easy pace. The route will take you east on Magnolia just a bit past the new CVS.
Walking Group – 6:00 AM – 6 Miles and same route as FM’ers and HM’ers but shorter distance.
Water will be at SE corner of Magnolia/FM 1128 so please note Walking group won’t have access to it unless you go a bit further to 1128.
Thank you to Karen Ochoa and Dan Davis for supplying the water this week for our runners.
No yoga or core this week.

PARR SHIRTS and Wild Pear Gift Certificates

The new PARR tri-blend cotton shirts look great. David and Wild Pear did a great job with these shirts and they are available to try on and order at the store. Wild Pear started taking orders last Friday for these shirts and some members bought them in bulk. I can’t wait to wear mine.
PARR Orange shirts – racing season has begun, and you should get your PARR orange shirts, if you don’t have one. New PARR members might not have an appreciation for what these shirts mean during the race…a breath of fresh air, that nudge of encouragement just when you need it, that push to catch up because you know you belong to someone ahead and the sight of someone on the sidelines you know is gonna scream the minute you run by…or that you can hand your gloves to because you know you’ll get them back. They’re a big deal to us.
Please remember that David does not keep these new shirts or the PARR orange shirts in stock and he only submits a new order every week or two, depending on demand. So, please be patient while waiting for shirts to arrive.
There are still many unclaimed $25 gift certificates from Wild Pear. Again, if you signed up with PARR this season, you automatically received a $25 GC from Wild Pear to be used however you wish in the store. So, please go to Wild Pear and claim and use your Gift Certificate – they have a record of who has picked up!  If you don’t use the GC by December 31, 2018, they will expire and will no longer be available.

3rd Annual Pearland Turkey Trot – Thurs, Nov 22, 2018

The next PARR sponsored race is the 3rd Annual Pearland Turkey Trot. It’s another popular event for our members and their families and it is only two months away on Thanksgiving Morning. There is a Kids K/1- mile walk/ 4-Mile Run/6-Mile Run. The proceeds benefit the Forever Parks Foundation of Pearland.
Register at: https://raceroster.com/events/2018/15234/2018-pearland-turkey-trotin and enter “PARR18” for a 15% discount.
I hope everyone has a good run!