WEEK 13 – Best. Distance. Ever.

Hi Y’all,
Can you believe we’re at the half way point already? THIRTEEN WEEKS DOWN! Unreal. And good news, this week we are running THE best distance.* Whether you’re running the full or the half, the distance this week is the ideal distance and the distance you will forever remember as your favorite distance.

*Please note: All data supporting this fact is based on an intense scientific study of a population size of one, conducted over a period of 8 years. That runner may or may not be writing this email. Studies have since been validated by at least one other PARR member, and can now be published in a running journal of some sort.

Good luck to our beasty bridge folks this weekend! It’s a doozy…but I’ve seen what you can do and you will CRUSH IT!

Services for Liz Perez

Last weekend our group came together in support of Liz Perez and ran in her honor. Then we all went home and raised funds for her family to ease the burden of the cost of her services. The generosity of thiWhile the vast majority of the over $5,000 raised were right here in our little PARR community, with all of the shares …it’s clear that this event impacted so many people and donations came from our extended friends and family. A visitation and service for Liz will be held Sunday, October 16, 2016 at Clayton Funeral Home, 5530 W. Broadway, Pearland, Texas 77581. The visitation will be held from 1:00 until 3:00 pm and the service will follow beginning at 3:00 pm.


Be sure to swing by Wild Pear and pick up your gear! David and his team there have been so awesome for doing this for us. If there are any problems, just let us know. We are pretty creative on solutions…and apologizing! We will have a few extras that we ordered available for purchase in the coming week. I’ll send a note out when those are available to order. I will also continue to have the magnets/stickers on my car again Saturday morning…so grab one if you haven’t already!

Saturday’s Run

Another long steady run to build up our endurance. Temps will be warm, so shoot for that FM+2 at least. I know some folks are having a hard time with that…it is slow. Do what you can to bring your pace down. Even a +1 or +1:30…you just need the time on your feet….and feel marvelous when you’re done! We will be departing from Turner.
These are new routes (for this year! We did them last year and I think I remember them being a success. I’m sure you let me know if they are not!) FM you will go through two neighborhoods – the first is off of Dixie Farm and there are no sidewalks…it’s a sleepy little neighborhood, but either way REMOVE YOURSELF from the street when there are cars. LIGHT YOURSELF UP just in case. Be mindful that folks aren’t expecting to see runners out there. Green Tee is the second neighborhood and while it is the most beautiful neighborhood in Pearland, it also has the worst sidewalks in some places. USE THEM when you can or need to. They also have some of the drivers in the biggest hurry…or maybe I’m always going so slow by the time I get there it just seems that way! Again, out of the street when cars are near.
Water will be in two locations…huge props to Sasha for setting it out for us! Water will be near the Rig on Oiler Drive (NW corner) and also in Green Tee on Country Club near Golfcrest Dr about mile 12.

Half Marathon – depart at 5:45AM for 10 miles – http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/893056549/ – with turnaround point at 4.7 miles on Dixie Farm Road

Full Marathon – depart at 5:00AM for 18 Miles – http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/893286375/ – I’m including turn-by-turn directions/notes here if you want to print out and throw in your belt. Green Tee is kinda the Bermuda Triangle of PARR…easy to get lost! Bogey Way will get you every time 🙂

Leave out the back of Turner Track
Go Right on McClean
Left on Magnolia
U-Turn at Harkey
Right on McLean
Go behind Turner
Right on Veterans
Left on Bailey
Cross Hwy 35 to Oiler Drive, water near the Rig
Cross Pearland Parkway, Turn Right
Left on Dixie Farm Road
*Note: there might still be some guardrail damage and sidewalk work, so this is an Extreme Running Day
Left onto McGinnis Dr
*Note: There are no sidewalks through this cute little neighborhood, so LIGHT YOURSELF UP and GET OUT OF THE WAY
Veer Left onto Taylor Ln
Right on Sleepy Hollow Dr
Left on Bogey Way
Right on Tipperary Dr
Tipperary Dr veers left becomes Wicklow Dr
Left on Kildare Dr
Right on Bogey Way
Right on Limrick Dr
Limrick veers left and becomes Londonderry Dr
Londonderry becomes Country Club Dr, water near Golf Crest Drive
Continue out the front of Green Tee on Country Club
Cross FM 518 to Liberty, cross over and run through Independence Park
Right on Pearland Parkway
Left on John Lizer/Magnolia
Left on McLean
Left into the back of Turner

Have a great run y’all.

Aimee Galley

281-728-cell | aimee.galley2@gmail.com