Hi y’all,

This week is a decrease in mileage, but with a Fast Finish thrown in to keep you honest. The temps will be beyond GLORIOUS and should make you feel like you’re FLYING!

Last week was a fun run with the new route option (at least for this year!), so we’ll definitely be seeing more of Dixie Farm Road! I was sweating it with all the turns (it’s not like I’m a genius and know my right from my left…so the turn by turn directions were iffy at best), but I’m pretty sure everyone made it back :/


If you haven’t made it by Wild Pear yet, be sure to go get your gear! If you have any problems …be sure to let us know. While we are all volunteers and doing this BECAUSE WE LOVE PARR, we also want everyone to get what they ordered and everyone taken care of. It might take us some time to figure it out or get creative, but we’ll get you taken care of! But…we won’t know unless you tell us!

And as if the shirts weren’t cool enough…Wild Pear asked if they could have some hats made. SO THEY DID. Y’all…HATS and VISORS. The good fancy Headsweats kind. If you didn’t see David’s post on Facebook and wanna try to reserve one – email him directly at wildpearrunning@gmail.com – of course they’re PARR orange…and they’ll be for sale at the store in a week or so. But because we’re all up in his face, he said he’d make a list to hold them for us. Now go buy him out so he has to get more.

Fast Finish Workout

Workout is a Fast Finish with your last two miles AT YOUR RACE PACE (HM or FM respectively)… If you’re doing intervals, this refers to your overall pace for those last two miles…so your whilst running pace will be about 30 seconds faster than your race pace. FUN! FUN! This is when you get to turn your jets on.  (Before the Fast Finish…it’s an easy run, FM+2 or HM+2…and that’s “ish”…if you can get +1, i’ll call it a win.)

We are starting from Wild Pear:

FM – 5:00AM – 14 Mileshttp://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/899775005/ – turnaround point on Magnolia at 9.2 miles

*Water will be at FM1128

HM – 5:45AM – 8 Mileshttp://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/899781949/ Note this doesn’t have the little woopdy-doo part in Silvercreek, it’s the short cut route…since running from Wild Pear adds almost .5 miles to our regular routes.  **And No water on the HM route, so be sure to have water on you.

Happy Runs, y’all.

Aimee Galley

281-728-4848 cell