WEEK 17 – Saturday, November 16, 2019

Hi Y’all,

Kaylin here. Our short fall season suddenly feels like hard core winter for a few days as we are required to bundle up (some of you may have actually worn a shirt or arm warmers this week!) on our daily runs. Some of us love to run in the colder temperatures, so this time of year is perfect for us. And if you don’t like the weather, this is Texas ya’ll…..wait a couple days, it’s sure to change!!

We are about 9 weeks away from the Aramco Half and Houston Marathon!! Single digit weeks ya’ll, it’s coming!! We are certainly putting in the miles now, keep listening to your body!! Need us getting to the start line uninjured.

We have some fun stuff this week, so I’ll get right to it!!!

#PARRSaturdayRun – November 16, 2019 – Start at KROGERS (What????)
Yes, yes it’s true – we’re trying something just a liiiittle (ok a LOT) different this week, and I’m more than a little nervous about messing something up, but no risk no reward, right??? So, I ask for your patience IN ADVANCE as this is a never been tried route by PARR this week, and even though there have been SEVERAL of our heads together to create this, I can guarantee that we aren’t perfect and may have forgotten/overlooked/messed up something!! ? SOOOOO……By popular request, PARR takes on Tom Bass Park!! Yes, yes, it’s true!! “But didn’t I just read that we’re starting at KROGERS??” YUP – we are going to start from the Krogers on Cullen and 518 for a couple of reasons – the main reason being that Tom Bass Park (TBP) doesn’t OPEN their gates until 6am…..and well, the thought of a 6am start makes some of us downright fidgety ! Lololol
So, yes. On Saturday, please park at Krogers and see the routes below for each group.

**Please do not park up close to the strip center stores, as some of us may still be out running when a few of the stores start to open in the am. If we could migrate towards the REAR of the parking lot (closest to 518), they may be a little happier about us using their BIG lot for our run start ?

** and PLEASE, let’s all cross the street from the Kroger’s side to the Post Office side of Cullen at the LIGHT just before you get to the POLICE STATION!! Safety first, and crossing a little further down from the busy 518 intersection is safer for our big ‘ole Orange Group!

*******A note about the route – for the full marathoners, the route has a little out-and-back on McHard on the way to TBP and also the way back. Please note that the McHard sidewalk is a bit narrow as you approach Country Place subdivision (think Bailey Bridge narrow), so please keep to single file in that section in the case of oncoming runners!!! The half marathon group and walkers do not have this McHard piece of the route!! ?

FM – 5:15 AM –MARATHON PACE RUN: 14 Miles Easy
Conversational easy pace (1-2 minutes slower than marathon pace). The purpose of this workout is to develop time on your feet, leg strength, and heart muscle strength.

HM – 5:45 AM –HALF MARATHON PACE RUN: 9 Miles Easy
Conversational easy pace (1-2 minutes slower than marathon pace). The purpose of this workout is to develop time on your feet, leg strength, and heart muscle strength.

Walking Group – 5:45 AM – 7 Miles

**Water will be located inside TBP between the first and second trail loops. HM and FM should pass the water in your route automatically. It was tricky finding a good spot for the water that was accessible by vehicle for placement, so WALKERS, you will have to continue past the first loop if you want to reach the water.


November 26th, 7-9:30pm, Wild Pear Parking lot
Wear your fuzzy socks and PJ’s, bring your blankets/chairs and comfy setup (portable recliners?? camp chairs??) and lets watch “Brittany Runs a Marathon” together!!!! We will setup in the Wild Pear parking lot, so if it’s a cold night, bring tons of blankets 🙂
There will be Hot Chocolate, Beer, Wine and Popcorn courtesy of Wild Pear !!!!

One of our favorite things, besides all the miles, is our end of the season celebration! We’re changing it up this year! Details to follow, but get your Sharpie out and mark on your calendar FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 2020 as the date for the PARRty! And save your gasps…we’re going to adjust our last group run to be held on that Sunday as a little dress rehearsal for the big race day!

4th Annual Pearland Turkey Trot – Thurs, November 28, 2019
The next PARR sponsored race is the 4th Annual Pearland Turkey Trot. It’s another popular event for our members and their families, and it is only a few weeks away on Thanksgiving Morning. There is a Kids K/1- mile walk/ 4-Mile Run/6-Mile Run. The proceeds benefit the Forever Parks Foundation of Pearland. iRun Production is again offering PARR Members a 15% discount, register here and use the code: PARR19. The price increases on November 14!

Happy Running,