WEEK 7 – Saturday – 9/3/16 – First Easy Long Run

Hi Y’all,

IT’S FINALLY HERE…. Just MILES and MILES of GLORIOUS FM+2 easy running. This is when the good stuff starts to happen. People start running further than they’ve ever run, feeling the benefits of all those dang hills…and those of us that aren’t new to running get that renewed push of “this is what it’s all about!” Our work isn’t done, but we’re on our way!


You know we love our shirts and love painting all the races #PARROrange. So be sure to get your order in by MONDAY. That’s like in 4 days. If you’re having problems trying to order…before you email asking questions, please try these two things…1) Make sure you are logged into www.goparr.com with your username/pw and if that doesn’t fix it, then 2) make sure you’re on a computer and not phone/ipad.

This Week

This is our first week of 3 EASY LONG RUNS, that’s an FM+2 min pace. The focus of this season will be on sloooowing us all down for these runs, our warm ups and our cool downs. It will be difficult to do, no matter what your FM pace is…it will feel too slow…especially coming off 6 weeks of hills, you’re going to feel like you can FLY. But really try to bring that pace down, take walk breaks if you don’t normally take them…do what you need to do. The work on getting faster…is done during the week with our pace boosters, striders, hill intervals. Not sure what your FM pace is? (And everyone has an FM pace…even if you’re an HM’r) Use this Pace Chart with your Magic Mile (or any other previous race pace) https://goparr.com/training-paces/

We will be meeting Saturday at Wild Pear Running store parking lot (9330 Broadway St). All the groups will start together, so collect your groups and head out together! My recommendation would be let the fastest group go first…and then the rest follow. Will ease up on the congestion in the beginning before everyone spreads out.

This will be an out and back route….lots of high fives and encouragement to be given out there with everyone coming and going! We’ll leave Wild Pear through the parking lot around to the PB and head down CR 90, LEFT on Northfork, Right on Cullen, Left on Magnolia and keep running til your turn around (HM – turn around at 3 miles, at 1128; FM – turn around at 5.5 miles, about at Norma lane – just before Veterans)

Full Marathon 5:15AM – 11 miles

Half Marathon – 6:15AM – 6 miles

*WATER: at FM 1128 on the Northwest corner

** SAFETY NOTE: There will be a lot of us out there this weekend, so let’s keep PARR in good graces with Pearland. This is a mostly sidewalk route, but if you do choose to run in the road, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get out of the road when a car is coming. Particularly along Northfork. That road is dark when we are leaving. Don’t worry about the car seeing you, don’t give them a need to. GET OUT OF THE ROAD when they are coming! And when we are coming back and so, so tired…GET OUT OF THE ROAD…there are many more cars, going both directions. They have the right of way, we do not.

***NEW HERE: IF this is a big jump in miles for you (either you’re new to the group or haven’t gotten in all your runs) no worries! Just adjust your distance to what is right for YOU. Go a couple miles further than your longest run, but no more. We can work on a ramp up plan for you…but don’t go all crazy and run 6 miles or 11 miles if you’ve only done 3 miles. I’m not going to mention this every week…but the schedule is there for guidance. You do what you need to each week…we definitely don’t want you to get hurt, and overdoing it is a surefire way to do that!  ! Our goal is that everyone is healthy in January…we’ve got plenty of time to there! Need help…just reach out

I hope everyone has a fantastic run on Saturday. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Happy runs, y’all,

Aimee Galley

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