WEEK 3 – 08/06/16

Hi Y’all, I hope everyone had a great week.  We are back on the hills this week to continue to build up our base.  We’ve got a total of 5 more Saturdays of hills, but who’s counting, right?!?  Your body will THANK YOU come that first long, easy run. Pace Groups & Magic Mile Make-up… Read More

WEEK 1 – 07/23/16 – HILLS

Hi Y’all, WEEK ONE! How’s it going? You know I’m on my A-game if you’re getting an email on Tuesday. Don’t get used to it! We had quite a few new folks join even after Saturday…to get caught up on what happened and when/where the weekdays are going down…please check out the Welcome to PARR… Read More

Groups and Training Paces

Hi y’all, Apologies up front. This is just plain LONG.  They will all be long for a bit…as we get all of the information out to everyone on how this will all go down!  But before you stop reading or delete…I need those that didn’t run Magic Mile to send me some info! But first,… Read More

Saturday Run – 08/23/14 – Magic Mile Day

Hi Y’all, We’re coming up on MAGIC MILE DAY.  Are you ready for this? Of course you are. It’s a mile.  You’ve been running much farther than that for the past 6 weeks! Granted, it will be one of the more difficult miles you run.   The Magic Mile is exactly a mile run on the… Read More

07/31/14 – Saturday Run – 08/02/14

Hi y’all, We are continuing to build our endurance up and getting used to being on our feet. We’ll continue to add a little time each week for the next three weeks.  We are set to all run the Magic Mile on August 23.  I know. I don’t care for it either. At all.  BUT….I’m… Read More