WEEK 10 – PLEASE READ: Hydration and Safety

Hi Y’all,

A couple of things important things to cover after this last week’s run….and they warranted their own email.  So you know it’s a big deal.


I’m not sure if any one did NOT notice…but we have run out of water on the route.  That’s a big deal to us, and we don’t take it lightly.  It’s extremely HOT out, and we’re requiring more hydration than we realize.  I mentioned in my email last week, but after this weekend…IT GETS ITS OWN DANG EMAIL 🙂

We are making changes to what WE, the water volunteers, are doing, but also need to ask YOU to make sure you’re being responsible for yourself.  The water is provided to be a supplement to get you to the finish, not the sole source of hydration.  While I wish we could have manned water stations every mile, a clean-up crew and volunteers beating down our door to help do whatever is needed …it’s not a reality. So we all need to work together to make sure we don’t get in a scary situation out there.

Our PARR Water volunteers will be:

  • More Water – we will be putting out more water on the run, either a 3rd jug or supplemental jugs to add to what’s there
  • Less ice –  We heard you. Ice was still there, no water.  We’ll cut back, so water may not be a perfect 32 degrees. We’ll live. Promise.
  • No more cups – After this week, there will not be cups at the water jugs

Please, please, please PARR Members:

  • You must have some sort of hydration on you – a fuel belt, a backpack…heck carry a canteen. You can’t rely on the water provided as your only source. Use the water provided to refill these things.
  • Make sure you are carrying enough water for yourself to run 10 miles – there were many folks hitting the water stop on their way out on their run, so mile 3. And that meant those FM coming back from their long run at mile 10…nothing.  Zero. Zilch. And still 3 miles to go.  And that’s not good.
  • Check your timing – The water is out for the scheduled run, so if you’re running at a different time (later, earlier, longer, shorter)…just make sure you’re window, time, distance coincides with the plan if you need to supplement your water.  The volunteers pick up on the route at the estimated time that the last folks go by.  We realize folks run at different times, so if that’s you, make an alternative plan (hide some water/fuel on your route)
  • Volunteer –If you happened to mention on Saturday that you were disappointed that the water ran out…WE ARE EXCITED TO HAVE YOU HELP! We’ll get you plugged in and together we can all work to solve the problem!


This one is near and dear to my heart.  Do you know what our right of way is whilst running?  PRETTY MUCH NONE.  We are running in our community and want to keep PARR in the good graces of the residents, law enforcement and other runners. There were so many close calls while crossing the streets and folks running 3-5 abreast in the street on Saturday…so here are some reminders:

  • LIGHT IT UP – Please make sure you have some sort of light on you, preferably on your front side as we run against traffic.  A taillight isn’t a bad idea either, just be mindful of the folks running right behind you.  How do you think our fast FIREFLY girls got their name?!
  • Do NOT ever assume a car can see you – never give a car a reason to see you.  You have much more lead time to get the heck out of their way.  You have no idea what’s going on behind that windshield…a crying child, a cell phone, a sleepy driver, a drunk driver (it’s 4AM, you never know!), a spilled coffee…just assume all of these things are going on and get out of their way before they even realize you’re there.
  • NO WAVING ARMS – As much as you think that is going to get a driver’s attention…it’s too late if that’s your defense.  Let’s just get out of the way.  Jump up on the sidewalk until they go by. We have SEEN a car drive up onto the curb at 4:30AM, think your cute little hand is going to stop that? Not a chance.
  • Crossings – Please use extra caution when making a crossing at an intersection or otherwise.   As tired as we are and as important as we think this training run is, we need to be mindful that…A) People may not see us and B) We aren’t nearly as fast as we think we are, especially at the end of a run. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY C) Someone was actually hit year before last on a weeknight run, thank goodness they are ok…but it can happen. Before you know it.
  • You give other people heart attacks – Even if you think you’re fine and YOU GOT THIS…it’s making other folks nervous as all heck. Please be cautious.  We all signed up to run, not call 911.
  • Other runners – I know it’s hard to believe that not every other running human is in PARR, but it’s true. There are still a few hold-outs that are not part of our group.  Soooooo…we need to be aware especially when they are coming at us to GET OUT OF THEIR WAY and let the folks you’re running with know.  So if you hear someone yelling “RUNNER UP”…we’re not talking Miss America pageant second most beautiful girl, we mean “GET TO THE RIGHT A RUNNER IS COMING AT US”

Ok, that’s it for this special edition of the weekly email!  More to come about this weekend’s run later this week!  Thanks so much for your help to keep PARR awesome!

Aimee Galley

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