WEEK 9 – Saturday – 09/17/16

Hi Y’all,

We’ve got one last easy, long FM+2 in this series. I like to break the season into chunks to be able to wrap my head around all of the running. So. Much. Running. These last three weeks were a ramp up in mileage at that nice easy FM+2. How have you done to bring that pace down?  Need some ideas to help?  Add some more walk breaks.  Chat at the water cooler…i.e. stop to get a drink of water the water stop.  Join someone that’s behind you.  Starting next week, you’ll notice the schedule will go up/down with the mileage and vary with the type of run.  Those are recovery weeks built into the schedule. SAVOR THEM!

New to PARR?

We have closed registration to anyone just stopping by the website…GASP…however we will continue to welcome new runners the best we can! We just didn’t want someone joining without realizing we’re already in WEEK 9. Can you believe it? Week 9, y’all. For those that are new to PARR these past two weeks…WELCOME! Get comfy and get caught up on all of the words! So. Many. Words. Start here => https://goparr.com/welcome-to-parr/ and then jump over to https://goparr.com/category/past-emails/ …I’ll bet they will answer your most burning questions. And if not, just shoot me an email and I’ll get you squared away. BIGGEST DEAL…that we get you connected to the right pace group. We KNOW that the best results will come to those who get connected to others in the group. And we have the best group leaders…and they are just waiting to bug you and pull you in.

Races. Races. Races.

This weekend is the first in the Bridge Series, the Toughest 10K in Kemah! Lots of folks heading out that way…MAKE PARR PROUD! It’s a beast of bridge…but you’ve trained for it. You’re ready! Be sure to collect yourselves before the race for a fun pic. Race day on FB is the best 🙂 With so many folks doing the race, there are some folks doing some alternative runs to make up mileage for the long runs they are missing. Keep your eye on the FB page to see where you can jump in if the Saturday run doesn’t work for you!

And everyone send good vibes to the Pacific NW…Babes and Christa are on a mission for the last shot Boston Qualifier marathon! And it really should be a “better your chances shot”…GOOD LUCK GIRLS!  PARR is pulling for you.  And gravity is pushing you down that hill!

Saturday Details

We’re going to do another out and back route.  Again, lots of people ramping up their mileage and this is the best way to WELCOME them and not OVERWHELM them!   So we’ll be heading out of Wild Pear with the groups starting out together.  I talked to Kaylin and Caroline, and we’re succumbing to the difficulty of life and math. Too hard to try to get everyone back and happy and planking. CORE is up to us. They are going to send a workout that we can all do on our own, so I’ll send that out separately, probably in the morning.

FULL MARATHON – 13 miles – 5:00AM

HALF MARATHON – 8 miles – 5:45AM

ROUTE: Leave Wild Pear through the parking lot around to the PB and head down CR 90, LEFT on Northfork, Right on Cullen, Left on Magnolia and keep running til your turn around (HM – turn around at 4.0 miles, right before the turn to go over the scary dark bridge; FM – turn around at 6.5 miles, which is right at Hwy 35 and includes the bridge…twice #routefail)

WATER: Will be at the Southeast corner of FM 1128, which means make sure you bring water, my friends. Not having a water belt is not an option.  FM won’t have water from miles 3 – 10. And when you see SASHA BUCHHEIT and MARSHA ROBINSON…give them a BIG HIGH FIVE and THANK YOU. They got up before you to set water out for you.

Chance for Hope

Last thing, I promise. For those that didn’t make it out the Chance for Hope Go Gold Fun Run last weekend, here is a peek at the morning. They seriously made it a FUN RUN. Lots of PARR faces in here…they’re yours to download. PARR faces won too…the races and the raffle! How fun is that?!?


Please let me know if you have any questions!  Happy runs, y’all.

Aimee Galley

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