WEEK 9 – Saturday – 09/17/16

Hi Y’all, We’ve got one last easy, long FM+2 in this series. I like to break the season into chunks to be able to wrap my head around all of the running. So. Much. Running. These last three weeks were a ramp up in mileage at that nice easy FM+2. How have you done to… Read More

WEEK 8 – Saturday – 09/10/16

Hi Y’all, We’ve got another easy FM+2 run this weekend! Were you able to get to that pace last week? Close? These runs should be conversational, meaning you should be able to talk the entire time. And when you’re done…feel like you could keep going.  Unless you were tired of listening to the person you… Read More

WEEK 6 – Saturday – 08/27/16 – Last Hills Celebration!

Hi Y’all, LAST WEEK OF HILLS! It’s about time. And it’s always this time that I’m just D.O.N.E. with hill work! After Saturday…onward, friends. Wanderers We have just about got everyone placed in a Pace Group…there are just a few of you left who will now be stalked. Worried? If your name is HERE, then help me get… Read More

WEEK 2 – 07/30/16 – More HILLS

Hi Y’all, Hope everyone is having a great week swimming…I mean running. The humidity will make us stronger…if it doesn’t kill us, right?!? New to PARR and wonder WHAT IN THE HECK WE’VE SAID AND DONE and what you missed? For a recap, read THIS FIRST, then THIS. I’ve been updating everyone’s Magic Mile time…. Read More