WEEK 12 – Saturday 09/30/17 & SHIRTS!

Hi Y’all,

Got your attention, didn’t I?!?


I’ll just get to it, because I know you’re going to skip to it anyways! We have big aspirations every year. To find “the perfect shirt” and “the perfect tank”…for all body types, all skin types and all budgets. Good lord, it is darn near impossible, y’all. We’ve been doing this for SIX YEARS. And “safety orange” means a lot of different things to different people, and only one to us. So after an exhaustive search, a devastating hurricane thrown in the middle…we’re keeping the same options from last year. So far, we haven’t lost anyone due to a poor fitting shirt…so get your SHIRT ORDERING ON.

WHO NEEDS A SHIRT? Let me think…YOU AND ALL YOUR PEOPLE COMING TO CHEER FOR YOU. New PARR members might not have an appreciation for what these shirts mean during the race…a breath of fresh air, that nudge of encouragement just when you need it, that push to catch up because you know you belong to someone ahead and the sight of someone on the sidelines you know is gonna scream the minute you run by…or that you can hand your gloves to because you know you’ll get them back. They’re a big deal to us.

We do not make a dime on these shirts, the only reason you will be incessantly bugged for the next week to get your orders in…is because once this order goes in, that’s it. We don’t want a call at the George R. Brown at packet pick up asking where you can get a shirt. I just can’t.

So go get your ordering done and do it by next THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5. You will be reminded. And reminded again. And given an Ultimatum. Then it’s gone.

All the goods can be found here => https://goparr.com/product-category/parr-swag/ Too lazy to open the link and want to know what you can get? Don’t miss the hip new black t-shirt added.

Both Men’s and Women’s Cut:

  • Tech T-shirt Shortsleeve
  • Tech T-shirt Longsleeve
  • Tech Tank
  • Tech ¼-Zip Jacket
  • Cotton T-shirts (Orange, Sports Grey and *Black) – all cotton t’s also available in youth sizes

*Please note that the super hunky model is not included with each black t-shirt purchased

HUGE SHOUT-OUT to Melanie Smith who is handling the shirts for us this year for the first time and to Sandy and Jerett for their continued efforts to keep this going! It’s no small undertaking and we appreciate y’all so much.


We had our last scheduled #PARRpresentation on Friday with Lisa Ferrara to discuss our race fueling. It was fantastic. Even more fantastic? Kaylin did it with Facebook Live and you can still go watch it. Like as much as you want. It’s on the group FB page under Videos and you’ll see Lisa standing in front of the shoe display at Wild Pear…that’s the one! We’ll definitely do that again…it was great!

Saturday Details

Again, FM+1 or 2 (or as close as you can get). You want to feel like you could keep the heck going. Easy peasy. This is a week to get more time and miles on your feet and not worry about your pace. That’s all this is. REMINDER: No medals are handed out at training runs. We haven’t even implemented chipped training runs yet. 🙂 So resist that urge to open up the gas…running these long runs faster than you should can set you up for injury as we have FIFTEEN WEEKS MORE OF RUNNING, Y’ALL. And we will have lots of planned speed work to incorporate into these runs and during the week…so I promise we’ll satisfy your need for speed. Just not on Saturday.

We’ll be departing from Wild Pear, and will end with a staggered finish again.

5:00 AM – FM – 14 Miles – look familiar http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/899775005/

5:45AM – HM – 9 Miles – http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/1294669222/

Happy Runs, Y’all.

Aimee Galley

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