WEEK 25 – Saturday, 01/05/19

Hi Y’all,
2019 is upon us and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! Time can seemingly pass us by faster than we’re able to run and some of us probably wished we had the ability to hit the “STOP” on our own life. For those who have created New Year’s resolution(s), I wish you the very best in your journey to fulfill them for 2019. If your resolution is running, walking or exercise related, then I hope you’re able to do them with PARR.
We’re counting down the days and we only have two more long runs remaining in our official season. We are on the proverbial downhill and it’s primarily about staying fresh and not getting hurt the next few weeks.
If you received new shoes, clothes, socks, compression materials, hydration packs, gels/nutrition, etc. during the holidays, the next 14+ days is the time to try them or break them in. If you’re wondering if you should try a new GEL or powder, you should definitely try it during the next few days. It’s not a good idea to wear or try anything new on race day.
The deadline to register for the PARR party is this Saturday. We have to give the final number to the event venue so we can’t delay it after this point. I’ll say it one more time, we would love for you all to join us so please try to attend. It’s FUN.
Scheduled Saturday January 5, 2019 Run Details – Start at Turner High School
We’re starting from Turner High School for our Saturday run and the weather should be great for our second to last long run. You can choose to run easy for the entire duration or to practice your race pace by incorporating it into your long run.
FM – 5:00 AM –15-16 Miles. 3 miles Easy, 4 miles at FM pace, 2 miles easy, 4, miles at FM pace, 2 miles Easy.
HM – 5:30 AM –9 Miles. 2 miles easy, 5 miles at HM pace, 2 miles cool down.
Walking Group – 5:30 AM – 10 Miles.
Water will be at Southeast corner of Pearland Parkway and Oiler Dr.
#PARR Party
This Saturday will be the DEADLINE to register for our year-end Annual party on January 12, 2019. You may have difficulty registering on your phone or PDA and may need to register on a desktop or laptop computer.
Be sure you are logged into the PARR Website
  1. Go to https://goparr.com/parrty/ or choose End of Season PARR-ty from the Member’s Area menu. Click on the graphic.
  2. Select “Member Ticket” first. You will need to select your drink of choice before you click “Add to Cart.” We’re not necessarily going to hold you to this, but it definitely helps in our planning efforts.
  3. Please note that each registered Member will have to register themselves under their own log in. We realize there are families that are all members, but we had to limit the FREE admission to ONE per member.
  4. Once you’ve added yourself to the cart, you can also add a guest(s) the same way.
  5. Once you’ve got your guest registered, click VIEW CART and checkout.
  6. If you’re not bringing a guest, then PLACE ORDER. If you are bringing a guest(s), then it will ask for your payment information.
If you have any questions, please email info@goparr.com. We do our best to respond to these emails within 24 hours.
1st Annual Pearland Half Marathon and 10k – March 24, 2019
This is a PARR Sponsored event so we hope many of you will join us by making the first year a great success. You can make it a family event by encouraging your family members to run/walk the 10k. Registration is open by following this link.
Additionally, PARR members should consider volunteering for the event if not running.
Now, if you haven’t already, go register for the PARRty!