WEEK 4 – Saturday, 08/11/18 – YOGA Anyone?

Hi Y’all,

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the final days of summer.  This period seems to be a calm before the storm, with the kids going back to school in a few weeks, which means many of our beloved teachers/PARR members going back to work, more traffic and the running racing season quickly coming upon us.

We’ve added many new members this year and hopefully, you all have gotten into the groove of the group. BUT if you still feel lost, then please, please reach out to me, your group leader(s) and/or other PARR members.  We honestly try to do our best to help you get connected with running buddies but if you still don’t get “our thing,” let us know and we’ll see if we can help.

With regard to training, we’re still in the building period, where we’re trying to build your base to get your feet, legs and body used to the increased mileage.  Listen to your body and please take days off if you need.  There are many more weeks of training and there’s still plenty of time.

YOGA anyone?

I’m going to try something new this week. After core with Kaylin this Saturday, I’m going to lead a runner-centric yoga class for those who would like to attend.  If yoga is not for you, you won’t hurt my feelings and leave after core.  But if you would like to attend, please bring a mat and we’ll go through a 30-minute session to stretch out the legs and work on strengthening some muscle groups associated with running.  I expect the class to go from 7:15ish to 7:45 a.m.  If there is a strong interest, we may take the class to an hour in future weeks.  We’ll see how it goes.

See you all Saturday.

Saturday Group Run– 8/11/2018

Full Marathon: 5:30AM – Meet at Turner High School for Hills – 8 HILLS and 80 minutes on Bailey Bridge and back for CORE at 7:00AM.  You’ll likely finish the 8 HILLs before 80 minutes so you may want to finish the 80 minutes along Bailey Road toward 1128.

Half Marathon: 6:00AM – Meet at Turner High School parking lot for 50 minutes of EASY RUN+CORE. You’ll run west on Bailey, north/up MacLean, Left/west on Magnolia and turn around at 25 minutes and head back to Turner for CORE at 7:00AM.

Walking group: 6:00AM – 50 minutes – Meet at Turner High School parking lot for 50 minutes.   You’ll walk west on Bailey, north/up MacLean, Left/west on Magnolia and turn around at 25 minutes and head back to Turner for CORE at 7:00AM.

All groups should be back at Turner parking lot at 7:00AM for CORE work and should be wrapped up by about 7:15AM.  Be sure to bring your mat or towel…that concrete is tough on planking elbows.

Water will be provided at the intersection of Magnolia and Mclean for the HM and Walkers and on the West side of Bailey Bridge for the FM and at Turner parking lot.

Since we continue to add new members, I included portions of last week’s email.  We still need more volunteers for water, so please help fill up the spots.

Email/Communication Issues?

There still may be a few people who do not receive emails or the emails may be going to a junk/spam folder.  Andrea has done a great job posting the emails and weekly updates to the main goparr.com page, https://goparr.com/category/18-19_emails/.  Just as the sun rises every morning, you will get a weekly email every week so if you don’t get an email by Friday afternoon, please go to the link below and there’s a good chance Andrea would have uploaded the email for you to read.

Andrea also updates This Week (save a link to your homescreen on your phone and you always know what the workouts are): https://goparr.com/this-week/ .

If you’re not getting emails, please go to the links listed above.


If you recently joined or joined after our PARR kickoff party a month ago, please be sure to study up on all of the emails that have gone out since our kick off https://goparr.com/category/18-19_emails/

It’s a great place to learn all the ins and outs of PARR! Also, feel free to reach out to your group leader for any assistance. We will be updating the master list of groups this weekend and posting on the website and Facebook. So don’t panic if you’re unsure what group you are in.

Get Social and Join Our Main Facebook Page

If you’re not on Facebook, you’re missing out on so many things, from getting to know the members, being updated on all kinds of information including the weekly runs, laughing at our member’s humorous posts and most importantly, get inspired and motivated by fellow members.  To borrow a famous phrase, just do it.

You can join the main PARR page (if you have a different name than your registration, we need to know) https://www.facebook.com/groups/246625075376797/

Once you’ve joined the PARR FB group, you can join your pace group page (can be found from the main PARR page under “About”…then Recommended by the Admins.

Volunteers Needed for Water Duty

Our group is comprised of many volunteers who give their valuable time for this wonderful group. We need volunteers for water duty for our weekly Saturday runs. Travis Shirley takes it upon himself to do much of this but it’s unfair to ask him to do it alone for the entire year. So, if you are able to assist, please join the PARR Water page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1613380328949363/members/ for instructions/details and a Sign-Up Genius.

Let’s fill out the spots so we don’t need to worry about it for entire season.

Reminder: This is a two week obligation where you pick up the water jugs on one week and then set the same on the following week. If you are volunteering, please ensure you’re around for two consecutive Saturdays.

PARR SHIRTS and Wild Pear Gift Certificates

Reminder to pick up Wild Pear Gift Certificate – they have a record of who has picked up!  Can be used on anything!  But, if you don’t have a PARR shirt, you should consider using your GC on a shirt.  No peer pressure but you’ll look good in Orange. Reminder that shirts can be (tried on) ordered at Wild Pear.

Chance for Hope Go Gold Fun Run – September 8, 2018

I’m going to unabashedly promote this race. It’s truly a well-organized race for a great cause and for many of you, it’s practically in your back yard.  It’s a great family event for kids and the family. You can sign up at the link below.


Second Guest Speaker – Nutrition by Lisa Ferrara at Wild Pear

Lisa is very popular with our members and offers lots of great information into the areas of nutrition.  Her presentation will be TONIGHT7 p.m. at Wild Pear.

Happy Running!