Week 9 – Saturday, September 21, 2019

Hi Y’all, Kaylin here, hope everyone is doing great!
It looks like we’re having more and more race weekends that our people are participating in — Congratulations to EVERYONE!!  Keep those pictures coming, we LOVE to celebrate these race finishes with you!!
The last few weeks may have been stressful for some members who achieved their Boston Qualifying times and were waiting to hear if they’ve been accepted to run in the 2020 Boston Marathon. Congrats you guys!!

#PARRSaturdayRun – 9/21/2019, Wild Pear

Wild Pear Running Store, 9330 Broadway, D-400, Pearland, TX 77584 is our starting point for this Saturday’s run. This Saturday (and nearly every Saturday from here on out) may be the longest run EVER for some of our members!! Be sure and greet those finishing their runs with fantastic high-fives, smiles, cheers and selfies!!
Also – a few words about the mileage. Use good judgement, you guys! If this is your first training season for a half marathon or a full, you might stick to the lower end of the range of miles. If this isn’t your first rodeo, and you are not nursing any pains or ailments of any kind, go towards the higher end. Bottom line, listen to your body, and you do YOU on these runs!
Also, THIS is the week that DC Recovery will be joining us post-run for samples of their services, so be sure and hang around!!
FM – 5:00 AM –EASY RUN: 12-14 Miles Conversational easy pace (1-2 minutes slower than marathon pace.)
For those who are new to PARR, this route through Silvercreek neighborhood is a gold-standard for us, we kick off a lot of our runs on this route – have for YEARS. So if it’s new for you, please write the turns down so you don’t get lost. You might never find your way out!!
http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/899775005/ – turn around at Magnolia Elementary!
HM – 6:15 AM – EASY RUN: 7-8 Miles Conversational easy pace (1-2 minutes slower than marathon pace).
Walking Group – 6:15 AM – 4-5 Miles and same route as others but not same distance.
Water will be at SE corner of Magnolia/FM 1128 so please note Walking group won’t have access to it.
**Now that we’ve achieved 50% of our race distance, we won’t be doing CORE after the long runs.  We do, however, greatly encourage you all to incorporate core exercises during the week. Would love to see some of those weekday planking selfies posted!!


Saturday, September 21st (THIS WEEK) after the run, DC-Recovery (new local business in our area) will be set up to offer free massage and other services to us! Stick around and check them out, ask them questions about that nagging pain/injury you’re feeling and sample some of their services. Word on the street is they will have a massage table, so be sure to look pathetic at the end of your run that day.
Thursday, September 26th @ 7 PM at Wild Pear – “Why We Run.” We’re getting up close and personal with a few of our very own PARR members! We have some pretty AMAZING people with great stories in this group! Do you know who has run a marathon in every state? Or who regularly runs a marathon EVERY WEEKEND? Or who overcame a tremendous 100+ lb weight loss and now runs with us? Or who has overcome (and still battles) major health issues, but gets out and joins us for runs? Meet these people and hear their stories! And, come share YOURS!!! We’d love to hear it. If your story motivates just ONE PERSON to be a little more dedicated, disciplined or grateful to be able to run, it was well worth sharing!
Check the Facebook group for invites to these two events.


FastLaneFit 5K/10K/Kids K – Sat, November 2, 2019
iRun Productions is offering 15% off to PARR Members, register here and use the code: PARR19
4th Annual Pearland Turkey Trot – Thurs, November 28, 2019
The next PARR sponsored race is the 4th Annual Pearland Turkey Trot. It’s another popular event for our members and their families, and it is only two months away on Thanksgiving Morning. There is a Kids K/1- mile walk/ 4-Mile Run/6-Mile Run. The proceeds benefit the Forever Parks Foundation of Pearland.
iRun Production is again offering PARR Members a 15% discount, register here and use the code: PARR19


Safety: I know that we’ve been talking about safety a lot throughout the season. Some of you may be tired of hearing about it, however I feel the need to mention it again. There was a post this week about the father of one of our members that was hit while riding his bike at dusk on a path in Pearland. He was abiding by every traffic law ya’ll. He had the right-of-way on his path. Yet, he was HIT, drug across 2 lanes of the highway, pinned under a vehicle, and had to be rushed to the hospital via ambulance. Luckily, he is recovering well, thank GOD. Yet again, we cannot be reminded enough to BE SAFE. It doesn’t matter if we have the right-of-way or not, when up against a car that doesn’t see us, we lose. Every. Single. Time. If the driver has not made eye contact with you, DON’T ASSUME THEY SEE YOU!! Light yourselves up (I personally have invested in some new lights after hearing of this latest incident.)  Be Mindful. Be Proactive. Be Safe.
So, it’s Raining….and?  PARR’s official stance on rain and running – if there is lightening in the area, we don’t run. If it’s just rain and no lightening, we run! (After all, ask any of our veteran PARR Peeps how many races they’ve done in the rain….those are some of the most memorable and make great stories for years!) Will there be people taking it upon themselves to still run in sketchy, potentially lightening filled, conditions….even after we’ve announced that the run is CANCELLED??? Yep…Totally. Do we still hold our official runs in those conditions? Nope. With this being Hurricane season and our recent visit from Imelda this week, worth mentioning our stance on rain running again 🙂
Happy Running Ya’ll,