07/09/14 – PARR – Saturday 07/12/14

Hi y’all,

Saturday’s run will be out of the Professional Building 2225 County Road 90 – small office building across from CVS in Silverlake.  Route will be out and back.  Head out of PB to the left and turn LEFT on Northfork, RIGHT on Cullen and LEFT on Magnolia.  Full Marathon group, turn around at 30 minutes,   Half Marathon group, turn around at 15 minutes and run back the same route.  Just remember to stay on the sidewalks, as this is the time of the morning that people are up and out on the road.  This will get everyone back to the PB by 7:20 for a brief cool down and some concrete CORE work 🙂  So bring your Mat/Towel!

Short, but sweet. Don’t worry, longer emails to follow.

Happy run y’all!

Aimee Galley